YLMGO Carbon Fiber Floorball Stick Senior 26-30 Flex

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Our floorball stick are made with 11 layers and untreated finishing and stabilizing carbon fibers makes shooting easy and super fast. With our shaft you get faster and more controlled release for your shots which make it easy to shoot.

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Shaft length 55-105cm
Material High-strength carbon fiber, reinforced fiberglass
Flex 24-34
Blade Straight, left/right curve
Shaft shape Oval, round

Features and applications

Our floorball stick junior series is easy for beginner to control the ball, increase strike efficiency, effect perfect exercises and enjoy the sports. Pole head can be handled with double sides, so one pole can meet demand of left hand or right.


Our floorball stick length from 55cm to 105cm, flex from 24 to 34, straight and curve blade, material is fiberglass, carbon fiber or composite.


Almost all floorball sticks are made of fiberglass, Carbon or a combination of them. Fiberglass is a basic material for the floorball sticks production. The Fiberglass has become the basic material for floorball sticks and its properties are,High strength,High resistance,Long service life,Higher weight than the Carbon material.
Carbon fiber is one of the strongest and lightest materials available in the World. In floorball, it occurs in the same state as fiberglass material. The carbon fiber is stiffer and lighter than fiberglass. The carbon properties are low weight,worse power transfer than fiberglass material, excellent shock absorption,excellent for slap shot,low resistance to break.

Delivery, shipping

we offer a variety of stock of floorball stick. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please leave us message. We can make your carbon fiber arrows special.

How to choose your stick?

Player height(ft-in) 3’6”
Stick length(cm) 65 75 80 85-89 89-92 96 100 104

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