YLMGO Carbon Fiber Shaped Oval Tubing

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Our high strength carbon fiber oval tubing is fabricated with unidirectional (UD) carbon fiber prepreg. A variety of types or grades of carbon fiber tubing are available as well as a variety of sizes.

This tubes are manufactured by non-tubular composite parts from techniques such as closed-tool bladder moulding, compression moulding, resin infusion and RTM.

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Finish smooth sanded finish, glossy, semi matte and matte.
shape Oval, Rectangular, square, triangle,hexagonal, Octagonal
decals Heat transfer printing, screen printing, hydrographics transfer printing
Manufacture process Roll wrapped, pultrusion technology

Features and applications

Our carbon fiber carbon fiber oval tubing are widely applied to robot arms, helicopter model, drone model and automobile parts. Our carbon fiber oval tubing with a high strength and light weight performance


It is critical to have a sound design, along with the right materials and process control. Our staff has extensive knowledge in customize your carbon fiber oval tubing and is here to assist in your project.


Most of our carbon fiber oval tubing are made by Standard modulus carbon fiber (SM) which is the most common grade of carbon fiber. Standard modulus offers excellent strength and stiffness. It is 7 times stiffer than aluminum and 5 times stiffer than steel, it is the most economical grade material.

Delivery, shipping

we offer a variety of stock carbon fiber oval tubing as well as standard components. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please leave us message.


Q: Is high temp material available?
A: We offer 350° cure, standard modulus, material as a custom solution.
Q: What are your standard tube tolerances?
A: Standard tube tolerances vary based on size, diameter, material, etc. For more details contact us.
Q:Can I drill carbon fiber tubing?
A: Yes, carbon fiber tubes can be drilled.Contact us for more tips.

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