YLMGO advertising banner beach flag pole base series

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Our feather flag hardware options make our feather banners a versatile advertising tool. You’ll find an array of base options, including those meant for use indoors, outdoors, in-ground and above-ground. Accessories, like weight bags, ground stakes and cross base,X base, Steel plate, wheel base, water tank, will help keep your custom feather flag flying just where you want it.

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Ground spike

Our ground spike makes your flag rotate freely in soft ground.
Size: 500mm,600mm.
Diameter: 14.7mm(adjustable)
Weight: 0.2kg

Water bag

Our water bag is great for use with the standard cross base, the bearing cross base and the base plate.
Capacity of 10kg, 15kg and 20kg.
Size: 500mm*500, 400mm*400mm, 600mm*500mm

Cross base

Our cross base is ideal for quick and easy set up of your beach flag. The cross base is provided with bearings so the beach flag can easily turn through 360 degrees. Can be used with any type of beach flag.
Weight: 0.6kg, 1.2kg,1.7kg,3.0kg,3.5kg,3.7kg,14.1kg
Size: 480mm*420mm,680mm*580mm,780mm*680mm,780mm*820mm,880mm*980mm.

X base

Diameter: 14.7mm(adjustable)
Weight: 0.9kg, 3.2kg,3.6kg
Size: 12mm*12mm*480mm,8mm*8mm*420mm.

Steel plate

Diameter: 14.7mm(adjustable)
Size: 400mm*400mm*5mm
Weight: 4.5kg, 5kg.

Wall mounting

Size: 100mm*100mm*5mm
Weight: 0.67kg.

Wheel base

Size: 510mm*380mm*25mm, 510mm*230mm*14mm,
Weight: 1.6kg,1.8kg.

Water tank

Size: 300mm*300mm,350mm*350mm, 440mm*440mm, 450mm*450mm,
Weight: 10kg,15kg,20kg,25kg..

Delivery, shipping

We have enough stock for weight bags, ground stakes and cross base,X base, Steel plate, wheel base, water tank. Leave us message to help you choose your flagpole base.


Q: What kind of shipping do you use to deliver the base?
A: For small quantity order we ship by Fedex/DHL/UPS/EMS. For big order we ship by air or by sea.
Q: Can you provide sample?
A: Yes, leave us message of sample information, we will contact you soonest.
Q:Can you do OEM?
A:Yes, All OEM orders we could accept, as well as ODM

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