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Our teardrop flags fiberglass tip poles can be used for feather flags.  The standard pole set is made of high strength, resistant flexible fiberglass and has no recycled aluminum, unlike our competitors. This pole set has 3 straight pole pieces. Recommend for our stock feather flags and banners flag as well as our single-sided and double-sided 12ft custom feather flags.

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Item No. Length(m) Sections(pcs) Closed length(m)
Y-220211 2.2 2 1.1
Y-250212 2.5 2 1.3
Y-280213 2.8 2 1.5
Y-340314 3.4 3 1.5
Y-350415 3.5 4 0.9
Y-390416 3.9 4 1
Y-430317 4.3 3 1.5
Y-450418 4.5 4 1.2
Y-490419 4.9 4 1.3
Y-520520 5.2 5 1.2
Y-530421 5.3 4 1.5
Y-550522 5.5 5 1.2
Y-560423 5.6 4 1.5
Y-570424 5.7 4 1.5
Y-735625 7.3 6 1.3
Y-830726 8.3 7 1.3

Features and applications

The tie-down clip is made to help secure your flag or banners to your pole set. This is especially helpful for the fiberglass poles. The top pole piece is flexible so in order to keep its shape it requires the tie-down clip. Simply tie the string from the bottom of your flag and attach to the clip. The black clip comes with one screw with wing nut, silver clip and black attachment. Recommended for our any of our 3pc or 4pc pole sets.


This teardrop flags Set is very flexible with lasting durability. This poles set comes with a carrying case along with a pocket inside the carrying case that holds your flag. There is an exterior pocket that will hold your ground spike which is sold separately.


The very top pole piece is flexible and will bend to the shape of the flag. That being said we highly recommend the tie-down clip for this type of pole. The tie-down clip will hold the string that comes on the bottom of our flags. This will help retain and secure the top pole piece. We also offer premium versions of the fiberglass and pre-curved poles. Premium poles are coated with a stronger finishing for more winy areas.

Delivery, shipping

Any sizes(1.2-5.6m) for optional choice, make your individual floating sign. Any printing options available: 1C, 2C, 3C, or Full Color Imprints.
More 10 types of flag base for optional choice.
Any shapes(teardrop,spoon, knife, concave, convex, straight, angled, drop)
The pole carrying bag are very luxury, graphic ,base,pole all can be put in. very durable but with cheap price. We also have cheaper non-woven bags to save your cost.


Q: How much do "Add-On" Services cost?
A: vary based on size, diameter, tolerances, etc. Leave us message to help you.
Q: What’s your standard size?
A: 2.5m, 3.5m, 4.5m, 5.5m for your choose.
Q: What material can be choose?
A: fiberglass, carbon fiber ,aluminium

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