YLMGO hunting camouflage 7.62/0.3 Crossbow bolt

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Carbon Arrows are the best choice for modern archers who want high precision shooting without sacrificing weight or durability. If you want arrows for target practice or archery tournaments, then carbon fiber lighter arrows are highly recommended.

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Finish Polished black carbon finish
Material 100% carbon hunting arrow
straightness Pro ± .001”
Weight tolerance ± 2 grains
Components 4400 grain weight With 100 grain field points, nock, vanes
Length 20 inch Crossbow arrows

Features and applications

Best Carbon arrows for hunting are the latest advanced equipment in modern hunting. The straightness of an arrow is measured in inches and normally ranges from 0.001 inches to 0.006 inches. The smaller the number, the better or straighter the arrow. This means that arrows that have a straightness level of 0.003 inches or lower are pricey. The straighter the arrow, the better it flies.


Our carbon arrow shaft is made from pure carbon, and that makes this arrow light and fast.Weight is another critical factor for carbon arrows. Arrow weight tolerance is also referred to as grains per inch and depends on what you want to use your arrows for.


Our carbon hunting arrows are very light, giving them incredibly good flying characteristics and not only a high penetrating power, but also a long range. Straight arrows made of carbon with plastic fletching weigh almost nothing in principle.

Delivery, shipping

we offer a variety of stock carbon arrow shaft.  If you cannot find what you are looking for, please leave us message. We can make your carbon fiber arrows special.


Q: What length of your arrow shaft?
A: can be cutted according to your request.
Q: Do you provide complete arrows but not shaft ?
A: Yes, we provide complete arrows with vanes, nock, point.
Q: What express company you use?
A: DHL, Fedex, UPS

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