YLMGO 3M-10M Outdoor Windsock Fiberglass Flag Pole

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We produce flagpoles for years, we are known for selling the finest quality flagpoles on the market. Our flagpoles are made with reinforced fiberglass, which is the basic material for flagpole and its properties are high strength,high resistance,long service life that makes our flags strong and durable. There is durable super stake fiberglass stake for your choice.

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Finish smooth sanded finish, glossy, semi matte and matte.
joints Steel, aluminum, nylon, rubber, etc.
decals Heat transfer printing, screen printing, hydrographics transfer printing
Manufacture process Roll wrapped
Length 3m,4m,5m,6m,7m,8m,9m,10m.

Features and applications

Our GRP flagpoles are available with a wide range of finishes and accessories, allowing you to create the right image for you. We can engineer to meet any wind load.


Our GRP flagpoles are our highest quality flagpole, and are extremely durable and long lasting. We have a range of GRP flagpoles available, including wall mounted, roof mounted, ground mounted and angled GRP flagpoles.


Our GRP flagpoles are ultra durable, permanent pole options. We have a range of heights and styles available.They are ideal for more weather adverse locations, installation available, ongoing maintenance service available, range of options and accessories.

Delivery, shipping

We stock a wide range of different style of flag pole, from forecourt flags to ceremonial flagpoles, even portable flagpoles, all designed to not only look great but function as well.


Q: What material of your flag pole?
A: durable fiberglass and light weight carbon fiber.
Q: What glue you use to attach parts to your tube?
A: 3M special glue or epoxy resin.
Q: Does your flag pole includes flag?
A: yes, leave message or send email, we will help you to start.

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